Pool Barrier Inspections and Compliance Certificates. 

We aim to have your barrier comply on the first inspection with checklists to guide pool owners through the process. Also advice on ongoing maintenance to keep a safe compliant barrier.

  • Register your pool with your council by November 1, 2020
  • Contact us to arrange for an  inspection  for the Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance Certificate.
  •  Pools/Spas need to be inspected every four years but do not need to be re-registered.
  • Where there are only minor issues that are not an immediate risk to life or safety, your Pool Barrier inspector will give you a list of non compliance items. You will then have no more than 60 days to bring the barriers into compliance before a re-inspection.
  • Compliant Pools/Spas are issued with a compliance certificate that is be submitted to council by the pool owner.


(New, Renovated, Extended Dwellings, Pools, Sheds and Garages).

Mandatory Inspections 

Preslab- Foundation & Stumphole - Reinforcement- Frame- Final

Servicing Melbourne Metropolitan and all through out Country Victoria,

 with approved Bushfire Attack Level reports BAL and Bushfire Management Overlay including plan BMO. 

On site consultation and advice for reducing B.A.L. levels


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