Pool & Spa Barrier Compliance Inspections

Step 1

Click the self assessment checklists below in blue, make repairs if necessary & then book inspection.

We strongly advise to check and repair:

  • A door or gate forming part of the barrier, when in the closed position, is able to be opened by a person who is unable to reach the opening mechanism for that door or gate.
  • A door or gate forming part of the barrier is unable to be completely closed.
  • Any Part of the barrier is less than 1 meter in height measured above ground level from the approach side of barrier.

What if my pool/spa barrier does not comply on inspection?

We will issue a report of non compliance items and you will have 60 days to repair items and have a re-inspection.

If my pool/spa barrier complies?

We will issue you with a compliance certificate that you will need to submit to your council within 30 days. (Only a Registered Building Inspector - Pool Safety can issue) 

Your pool will not require another inspection for four years. You will need to maintain the barrier including the self latching gates to ensure ongoing compliance in between inspections. Active supervision of kids around pools & spas will always be required.

Email: yarravalleybuildinginspections@bigpond.com

Ph: 0439990057

For further information  https://www.vba.vic.gov.au/consumers/swimming-pools