Building Inspections & Pool Inspections


Register your pool with your council by November 1, 2020

Contact us to arrange for an  inspection for the Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance Certificate.Pools need to be inspected every four years but do not need to be re-registered. Where there are only minor issues that are not an immediate risk to life or safety your private building surveyor or inspector must give you a notice with the details of non-compliance. You will then have no more than 60 days to bring the barriers into compliance before a re-inspection.

Click the Self Assessment Links below to find out what your pool/Spa requires before we inspect to assist in compliance before we inspect.


Ph: 0418397761

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Building Inspections

All Mandatory Inspections for class 1 2 & 10 buildings up to two storeys in height. 

Class of Domestic building (Unlimited)

We do not do pre-purchase inspections.