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Servicing Melbourne Metropolitan and all through out Country Victoria,

 with approved Bushfire Attack Level reports BAL and Bushfire Management Overlay including plan BMO. 

On site consultation and advice for reducing B.A.L. levels.



New Bushfire Regulations

The Building Amendment (Bushfire Construction) Regulations 2011 commenced on 8th September 2011 and replace the interim regulations that were put in place by the State Government following the Black Saturday fires.  this was followed on 9th September 2011 by the release of new maps identifying areas of bushfire risk for the State of Victoria. The new building regulations incorporate the following features:

  •  The removal of the declaration of the whole of the State of Victoria as bushfire prone.
  • Makes permanent the requirement for the relevant building surveyor to accept a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) specified in a Planning Scheme or a BAL that has been determined in a site assessment as part of a planning permit application.
  • Imposes a minimum construction standard of BAL - 12.5 for all buildings constructed in a bushfire prone area - even if the BAL is determined as LOW.
  • Requires Council to provide details of a BAL that has been specified in a planning scheme.
A "Bushfire Prone Areas Report" is a free report showing the status of land parcels in Victoria in terms of whether they are designated as bushfire prone and this report can be accessed from Land Victoria
Further information regarding bushfire building regulations and planning provisions can be accessed via the DPCD website 
DPCD have published a number of Practice Notes, Advisory Notes and Fact Sheets to support the new bushfire provisions and regulations.  These publications should be referred to for detailed guidance on the context, content and effect of the new bushfire planning provisions and building regulations.

New Planning Bushfire Provisions

On 18th November 2011 the following bushfire planning provisions were introduced to the Victorian Planning Provisions by Amendment VC83:

 State planning policy (clause 13.05) - Bushfire

  • Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) (Clause 44.06)
  • Bushfire protection: planning requirements (Clause 52.47)
  • Bushfire protection: exemptions (Clause 52.48)
  • Consequential changes to various overlays that seek to manage vegetations and to Clauses 52.16, 52.17, 65, 66 and 72
The BMO replaces the existing Wildlife Management Overlay (WMO).  Initially all areas that were within the WMO are now subject to the requirements of the BMO - with revised mapping for BMO areas to be finialised in 2012.